A collection of images simulating stories inside OUR subconscious mind.

While you certainly are the physical Being that you see here in your physical settibg,you are much more than that which you see with your physical eyes.You are actually an extension of Non-Physical Source Energy.In other words, that broader, older, wisee Non-Physical you is now also focused into the physical Being thar you know as you.We refer to the Non-Physical part of you as your Inner Being.

— Abraham Hicks (via blondheadtotoe)




1. inspiration; an impelling mental force acting from within; a sudden rush of creative impulse or inspiration, often attributed to divine influence.

2. divine communication of knowledge.

3. a breath or blast of wind.

4. blown, breathed on, having been blown or breathed on.

Etymology: from Latin afflatus, originally adflatu (compare English flatulence, “digestive gas, fart”), past participle of afflo, “to blow on”. In artistic sense, introduced by Cicero in De Natura Deorum (The Nature of the Gods) (44 BCE), as alternative to existing and similar inspiration (literally “sucking in air”).

[Autumn Skye Morrison - Devotion]




the soul of a tree; the soul within a tree.

Etymology: Greek dendron (tree) + psyche (soul, breath of life).


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